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At Private Sky Aviation, we understand the critical importance of seamless crew rotations and efficient logistics in the exploration, mining, oil, and gas industries. Our dedicated Oil & Gas and Mining division is specifically tailored to cater to the unique needs of these sectors.

At Private Sky Aviation,
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Dependable Crew Rotation Services

With years of experience, our team has successfully orchestrated crew rotations for exploration and mining companies across the Arctic and throughout Canada. We specialize in providing around-the-clock solutions to ensure your workforce reaches their destinations safely and on time.

Tailored Aircraft Solutions

As a charter agency with extensive aircraft partnerships nationwide, we have access to a diverse fleet, allowing us to offer the most suitable aircraft for your specific requirements. Whether you need to transport 5 or 5000 passengers, our team can assist with regional, national, or international workforce rotations, perfectly aligned with your project's needs.

Swift & Flexible Operations

At Private Sky Aviation, we recognize the urgency of your operations. As a charter agency, we are not bound by an operator's schedule, granting us the ability to be ready for take-off at a moment's notice. This responsiveness ensures your crew can travel without delays, keeping your projects on track.

Cargo Solutions for Remote Sites

When it comes to shipping cargo to remote worksites, we've got you covered. With just hours of notice, our Turbo Props, Helicopters, and specialty aircraft can swiftly transport your gear, fuel, large equipment, or heavy cargo weighing over 100,000 pounds to any location, no matter how challenging the terrain. Our aircraft are equipped with floats, skis, and off-strip tires, enabling us to land where other jet aircraft cannot, maximizing accessibility to your remote camps.

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Partner with Private Sky Aviation for unparalleled expertise and reliability in air transportation for your Oil & Gas and Mining endeavors. Your success is our priority, and we are dedicated to providing top-notch solutions tailored to your industry’s unique demands.

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